Outlaw Blues

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WUMBLOOZO is an all originals band with songs that are somehow instantly recognizable.  You find yourself singing or humming along almost immediately.  If you like songs like "MUSTANG SALLY" you'll love WUMBLOOZO; if you like the early Stones, you'll love WUMBLOOZO, if you like the Animals, you'll love WUMBLOOZO.

In short WUMBLOOZO is just a kick ass band! 

Old school rock and roll and blues like it oughta be!

or bookings, please call Andrea DiGiulio at (323) 255-2744 or email andrea@wumbloozo.com or email JD Smith at jdsmith@wumbloozo.com

We would like to thank our photographers:
Huguette Leduc, Joy Neely, Bill Katz, Andrea Ross-Greene, Gemma LaMana and Steven West

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