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I was born to love her,
I was born to squeeze her,
I was born to leave her,
The day that I die.

I was born to love that smile,
I was born to walk that mile,
For just one, just one, just one
Taste of your style.

And when I’m Shufflin’ down that street,
I ain’t got a dime.
She holds my hand and she moves up close to me,
You know she ease my worried mind.

I know I got something that I can hold onto
Something that is real
Something I can feel
And ain’t nobody ever gonna’ steal

I never been this close to nobody
I just can’t help myself with you
When you’re here with me like you’re here right now
I could never ever think about being blue

I know that I could walk on water
When I’m walking next to you
I can reach up and grab a piece of that big blue sky
There ain’t nothing I couldn’t do

Repeat fist verse