1. Meetin' Night

From the recording Come Down Here

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Bring grandma, bring all the kids, too,<br />
Down by the persimmon tree where the river runs blue.<br />
Locusts are buzzin', praisin' his name,<br />
For tonight's nothin's ordinary, nothin's the same.<br />
<br />
CHORUS:<br />
Get yourself in warm water<br />
Wash all them nasty sins away<br />
Let him touch you, feel his light<br />
Oooh, on Meetin' Night.<br />
<br />
Load up the truck with those labors of love,<br />
The cakes, sausages, quail and dove.<br />
Pastor's wife got a new dress, fine as can be.<br />
Bring them sweets and candy, down to that tree.<br />
<br />
CHORUS<br />
Steam's off the river, as the word is read<br />
Nothin' can touch you, like what the Lord said<br />
He's walking here, on this water tonight,<br />
He's gonna bring us justice, gonna bring us on right.<br />
<br />
CHORUS<br />