From the recording Come Down Here

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Got my hard, hard heels Got my leather in my hand.<br />
Got my face fixed for streetlight<br />
And Im ready to make a stand.<br />
<br />
Beat kickin down the sidewalk,<br />
Soundtrack to the sight.<br />
Think Im ready to take a walk<br />
to the other side of the night.<br />
<br />
The girls skittish like fan dancers,<br />
Horses at a show.<br />
Dont kid yourself now, man,<br />
Theres things you cant ever know.<br />
<br />
Mellissa, whats under there, now<br />
Come on out in the light.<br />
Cross that fine, fine line to me<br />
to the other side of the night.<br />
<br />
CHORUS<br />
There aint no graceful exit,<br />
You know that, so spare me that way.<br />
I got my youth and thats my one way ticket, Take it, take it, with me.<br />
<br />
Its gettin late the police flashin<br />
Everyone bye bye,<br />
Dont leave me out here, man<br />
This aint no way to die.<br />
<br />
Like them chatterin crazies,<br />
Talkin to their hands and pickin fights.<br />
Tried but never made it to the<br />
other side of the night.<br />
<br />
CHORUS<br />
<br />

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