From the recording shhh! It's a bootleg

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With a bottle as a page mark<br />
hidden inside his good book<br />
You know that preacher he's a holy man<br />
<br />
Speakin of the devil<br />
Hes the one that got me hooked<br />
Dreamin about some promised land<br />
<br />
I used to go and hear him<br />
At the church down at the corner<br />
Anything to get in from out of the cold<br />
<br />
Thats when my idea of heaven<br />
Was a winter coat with buttons<br />
Some warm coffee and socks that didnt have no holes<br />
<br />
(Chorus)Michael row the boat ashore<br />
The waters deep and wide<br />
As long as that preachers liver holds out I can make it Yeah I can make to the other side<br />
<br />
Now I put on my Sundays best<br />
Hell I even comb my hair<br />
Got myself a real good job, I take the F train there It was down there on that platform With beer stains in his eyes He was singing out the gospel and he wasnt even high The low notes hurt his hangover But he hit them true and strong And though I recognized the words I could not sing along<br />
<br />
Repeat Chorus<br />
<br />
I wondered about his story<br />
Where did his life go wrong<br />
Cause hes the one that propped me up and stood me true and strong Now I got a real big house With 2 kids and a wife God bless that drunken preacher at least he saved one life<br />
<br />
Repeat chorus<br />
<br />