From the recording Confessin'

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Sleepin’ under the bridge, outa’ the rain.
I got my 40 ouncer, thank God for spare change.
I got some dry wood left, so I’ll light a fire’
All the comforts of home, got my easy chair tire

I miss my job, though I cursed it every second it was mine
I miss my car, but I fell too many payments behind,
And the hawks that that bank sent around took and flew off with my home,
I don’t know where my woman is, I just know that she’s gone.
But those people waved flags at me, coming home from that war,
They gave me a big parade, I guess that evens the score……..
Man I was floored….
I ain’t never been adored.

But sometimes at night, I hear that sniper’s silence,
Then I feel the bite, of splintering bone,
Then I hear the roar of killing and dying,
Screaming loud in my head……
Get it out of my head.

(repeat Chorus)