From the recording Confessin'

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Road Don’t Go There Anymore

As I strain to see the highway through these broken wiper blades
My memory starts drifting to the rhythm of the rain
As I think about the hero that you thought I used to be
I’m clutched tight to the wheel cause it’s so damn hard to see.

And this road don’t go there anymore, there’s nothing to recognize
No this road don’t go there anymore, I can feel it in your eyes
Like some mystery fog around a vanishing saint
You just keep on disappearing, you’re slowly disappearing
You keep on disappearing into something ….you just ain’t

Well a bump breaks up the silence as I swerve around a bend
I pray meekly for a hitcher cause I sure could use a friend
As the radio consoles me with a song about going home
Then it quickly turns to static and leaves me all alone


Well I’m sure I won the trophy for letting people down
All those years of treading water man sometimes I wish I’d drowned
And the calluses and blisters on the hands that steer my soul
Spent a lifetime at the wheel and still ain’t got control