1. The Range

From the recording Confessin'

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The Range

There were seven ladies riding by that silver midnight moon
They was out to steal the gold that was coming into town
The deputy was sighing as she drew back her hood
She kissed him on the lips and then she shot the poor boy down

Well the boy was still breathing when the posse and I arrived
With his last dying breath god she’s beautiful he cried
Long dark hair and eyes a hungry blue
I was thinking to myself she sounds an awful lot like you
A lot like you

Tell me babe, tell me babe
Was it your face that young dying deputy made
Cause I’m sitting here thinking about that poor boy’s grave
In a dry cantina out here on the range
Somebody’s gotta’ hang

Well I got this badge I’m wearing and a holster by my side
I took a solemn oath so I got to take that ride
My mind is feeling distant like that Colorado sky
As I try to figure out how I’m gonna’ take both sides

Repeat (Chorus)

Well she met them by the back porch with a shotgun in her arms
She blew them all away with her elegance and charms
I dropped my empty pistol and I looked her in the eye
She squeezed that second trigger and I knew I had to die

Repeat (Chorus)