From the recording House Money

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Last call, well its been here and gone
I'm nice and high and I got to be movin' on
The road is all muddy and there ain't no light
Just little ol' me and the still still night
But it's all right it's all right I know my way
Find my way back to our house in the night or in the day
When I come home like this doll when I done got right
You'll be waitin' for me there in the still still night
Then the mornin's gonna' come around like a freight train lost on a highway
Gonna' run me on down gonna' squash me flat with that new day
I keep lookin' around thinkin' maybe you're just outside
Be comin’ back in any minute now darlin' with your arms open wide
Then the sun be settin' on down
I done spent all my paycheck so I can't go back into town
I 'll put a match to that ol' lantern but it aint gonna' shine to bright
It's alone here with me in the still still night
(repeat chorus)