1. House Money

From the recording House Money

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Hobo Joe messin’ with One Eyed Willy said “I’m gonna fatten your lip”
One Eyed Willy put up both his dukes and said “You ain’t gonna do shit”
He reached back and he knocked Hobo down Hobo Joe lay right down
He come to and he looked around there was a $100 dollar bill layin’ right there on the ground
Talkin’ house money playin’ with that house money talkin’ that house money if a fool look around fool look around

They were jokin’ off at mama’s place they were chasin’ back and they were now eatin’ sponge cake
Then mama said now it’s time to go you can take a minute now but don’t be slow
Hobo drinkin’ start crackin’ wise mama start gettin’ that look in her eye
Willy said, ”Man just roll them bones, let’s get on outta here and leave Mama alone” ………….
Talkin’ house money ……..

Sixteen passes and no sevens
Couple a times they rolled an eleven
Seventeen sixes and all those nines
And they hit every hard way that they bet on every time
Talkin’ house money.